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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

hc andersen parade

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Chris awoke slowly. He lay quietly on his back, his eyes closed. He could tell the sun had come up. He could feel the warmth on his face. Inside, though, his mind still reeled. Was it love? Or was it just the comfort of being with someone familiar? He wasn't sure, but he thought he might want to find out.

Gina flushed and Jimmy looked startled for a minute, then laughed, remembering the ritual.

I pressed myself against her backside. I was taller than her, so my breasts were pressing against her shoulder and I let my hand slip between the cheeks of her ass, with no pretext of soaping her cheeks anymore. I took one of her earlobes in my mouth, sucked it gently and cooed, “My name is Tanya … but you can call me mistress if you prefer.”

"I hope not; especially if we get this account," said Richard. "Then she and I could go to Hawaii for a few weeks before we knuckle down to work on the project. But how about Eric? Will he be mad you're spending the most romantic day of the year with another man?" Richard grinned.

It was a Thursday afternoon and Brad and I had finished work and were sitting in Brad's room listening to music and sharing a joint.

I flashed two fingers back and he nodded. He then opened his door and got out. He was even bigger than I thought. He stood about 6' 2" and was very muscular like a football linebacker. He had a mild growth of chin hair and a shaved head. He opened the back door and ushered me in. The man then climbed in with me and shut the door. The car was off in a shot. I didn't even notice what direction we were going. The guy sitting with me introduced himself as Ricky and his friend driving as Antoine. I did my best girly voice to say, "Mary" once again.

"Where are we going?"

"You sure are, lover!" Alice said, spreading apart her lover's cheeks, staring at the cute puckered asshole she loved so much. From the first night the two of them had made love they quickly came to realize how much both were addicted to ass play, how their anal clefts were as much of an erotic destination for them as their pussies. They loved licking each other down there, working stiff fingers inside, and burying vibrators and thick rubber dildos up each others' asses. So it was only fitting that they had chanced upon Aunt Nancy's enema equipment. Their anal repertory was about to expand! And get very wet!

Not saying a work, she wiggled her ass, wanting more, enticing him. He slid slowly into her again, as she moved her ass around, letting him feel everything inside her. He felt the muscles inside her tighten around his cock, trying to push him out. He let her muscles push him out a bit and then slammed himself back into her.

"Not like we could conceive a child right now even if we both wanted it," She sarcastically groaned, noting the nonexistent passion in their relationship. "It's been easily a month and a half since we've done anything."

It had to be an apartment room so I went up to room 24, and knocked on the door.

"My take on it as well. I think we got us a game player." He rubbed his forehead, the lingering essence of the headache right behind his eyes. "It's not just the fantasy, or the hunt, or even the kill that gets these guys. It's proving they're smarter than whoever works the case. And the bigger the name in charge, the more the killer has to prove. Psychos like these are much worse than your run of the mill serial killer."

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